Pangkor the Fishing Village and Supplier of satay fish / marine produce.

Pangkor Island situated off the coast of Perak, Malaysia is both a tourist resort and a fishing centre. The island is inhabited by mainly Chinese fishermen on the southern and eastern part while to the west lies a Malay Kampong fishing village. Together they supply a major portion of the marine produce to nearby towns. Excess supplies are preserved in the form of salted / roasted/ bbq items , packed and sold in shops throughout the country. Indeed Pangkor and Lumut are famous as a centre of satay fish and related marine products in Malaysia, and is a favourite takeaway items for tourists and visitors.A typical scene in Sg Pinang Kechil, Pangkor, with many fishing boats anchored while waiting to go to sea.

Pangkor's bustling fishing villages of Sg Pinang Kechil and Sg Pinang Besar.